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Maytag Washer Repair

If your washing machine stops working, the dirty clothes can pile up fast. Get things back on track in your laundry room by scheduling professional repairs with the pros at JR Repairs & Installs. Do you own a dependable Maytag washing machine? We have plenty of experience solving Maytag washer problems. From failure to fill with water to leaks and beyond, we’ll provide Maytag repair service that gets your appliance working like new again. We know what sets Maytag appliances apart from their counterparts at other brands, and we’ll tailor our Maytag washer repair to your unit’s specifications for best results. From our quality workmanship to our prompt turnarounds, JR Repairs & Installs is the company to trust for Maytag washing machine repair in Portland. Call or e-mail us today to schedule your appointment!

While Maytag machines are designed to stand up to the tests of time and use, they aren’t completely immune to malfunction. Some of the most common Maytag washer problems include:

  • JR Repairs & Installs - Maytag Appliances LogoFailure to fill
  • Failure to spin or agitate
  • Failure to drain
  • Leaks
  • Unusual noises
  • Unpleasant odors
  • Incorrect water temperature
  • Damage to clothing
  • Failure to turn on at all

If your unit is exhibiting any of these symptoms, contact JR Repairs & Installs right away! We’ll get a technician out to start Maytag washer repair as soon as possible—even the same day you call, if we can—so that you don’t have to live with a broken washing machine any longer than necessary. We have the experience, knowledge, and skill to provide Maytag washing machine repair that’s both fast and accurate, working efficiently without ever cutting corners for the sake of speed. We’ll give you your laundry room back as soon as we can.

Warranties for Maytag Repair Service

JR Repairs & Installs stands behind all of our appliance repairs, including Maytag washing machine service, with comprehensive warranties. These include an up to 120-day warranty on our technicians’ labor and a one-year warranty on any new parts we install. We care about your long-term satisfaction with our Maytag washer service, and that means ensuring your washing machine is ready for the long haul. Contact JR Repairs & Installs today to learn more about what sets us apart, and to book your Maytag washing machine service!  

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