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Offering Dishwasher Repair for Clogged and Leaking Units

Two of the most common dishwasher problems that lead people to contact JR Repairs & Installs are leaks and clogs. Dishwasher leaks can occur when the door gasket or pump seal are defective, allowing water to escape. Clogs, meanwhile, can happen when food particles get into the drain and block the flow of water, or when the drain hose itself becomes kinked. It's important to accurately diagnose the root cause of your dishwasher issue in order to carry out the correct repairs, and JR Repairs & Installs is committed to getting the job done right. 

We're your licensed, bonded, and insured choice for dishwasher repair in Portland and the surrounding region. Beyond clogs and leaks, we can fix water temperature issues, provide dishwasher rack repair, and even step in when your unit is failing to turn on at all. Our dishwasher repair specialists care about providing swift and effective solutions. We stand behind our work with great warranties, because we care about your long-term satisfaction.

Call us at (971) 244-8670 or e-mail us to book your appointment, and to learn more about what sets JR Repairs & Installs apart from our competitors! 

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